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FTTA Fiber Cable Assembly

Outdoor fiber optic waterproof connectors- best for RRU terminal in the FTTA system
ODVA series of waterproof connectors has plastic housing for protection, it’s for outdoor waterproof use, and the grade is IP67.
Fullaxs waterproof connectors: Rosenberger-RFE, KINGSIGNAL-FRM, Amphenol IP-FX.
Mini-SC waterproof connectors: Huawei Mini-SC, Corning Mini-SC.
ODC= Out Door Connector, it’s stable and water& dust proof. It’s widely used in fiber optic transmission in harsh environments like FTTA(Fiber To The Antenna), mine, sensor, electric. 
Field tactical waterproof connector is also named YG telianthus connector. The grade is IP65. With fiber optic telecommunication is spread widely, such military connectors are generally used in civil fields, like instant connections, stage wirings, live broadcasts, emergency repairs of telecommunications and so on.
J599 connector was early only used for multi-cores power cables, as fiber optic is widely used in signals transmission, weak current cables are generally replaced, and J599 were also used as fiber optic connectors. Sometimes fiber optic cables and power cables are mixed as one, then J599 can be also used as fiber-power connector. Such fiber-power connectors are available for 2 fiber+ 2copper, 4fiber+2copper and 
4fiber+4copper, or customized.
Other brands : ZET-PDLC waterproof connectors, Harting Pushpull-DLC Rectangular Connector, Senko IP68 waterproof connectors, Senko IP-ONE, Nokia Siemens NSN waterproof connectors, Neutrik waterproof connectors, opticalCON, opticalCON LITE, Cnlinko waterproof connectors, 

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