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The CPRI/OBSAI line focuses on 3G/4G Mobile Fronthaul Networks, which do not require as high networking speeds between RRU and BBU as 5G Mobile Networks and therefore transmission requirements can be fulfilled by 10G FH (Fronthaul) SFP+ Transceivers, which support CPRI Option 8 (10.138 Gbps), CPRI Option 7 (9.830 Gbps), CPRI Option 6 (6.144 Gbps), CPRI Option 5 (4.915 Gbps), CPRI Option 3 (2.458 Gbps), CPRI Option 2 (1228.8 Mbps) and OBSAI RP3 x 8 (6.144 Gbps), OBSAI RP3 x 4 (3.072 Gbps), OBSAI RP3 x 2 (1.536 Gbps) rates.

There are available Standard Temperature modules (0 to 70 Celsius) for use in typical telecom environments and Industrial Temperature (-45 to 85 Celsius) modules for use under harsh environments, like mobile base station towers, unheated outdoor cabinets.

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