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Take you to understand IDC room equipment

What is IDC room

IDC (Internet Data Center) is not only the center of data storage, but also the center of data circulation. It mainly acts on the place where data exchange is most concentrated. Therefore, IDC room refers to a place where some network operators or government enterprises store servers and provide IT services to users or employees.

The main application scope of IDC hosting is website publishing, virtual host and e-commerce. For example, for website publishing, units can publish their own WWW sites after they are assigned static Internet IP addresses from the telecommunication department through hosting hosts, and publicize their products or services through the Internet; virtual hosts are units that rent out the sea capacity hard disk space of their own hosts through hosting hosts to provide virtual host services for other customers and make themselves become ICP service providers E-commerce refers to the establishment of e-commerce system by the hosting host, and provides perfect services for suppliers, wholesalers, distributors and end users through this business platform.

IDC is the Internet data center. It has developed rapidly with the continuous development of the Internet, and has become an indispensable part of China's Internet industry in the new century. It provides large-scale, high-quality, safe and reliable professional server hosting, space leasing, network wholesale bandwidth, ASP and EC services for Internet content providers (ICP), enterprises, media and various websites.

IDC is a place for hosting enterprises, merchants or website server groups; it is the infrastructure on which various modes of e-commerce rely for safe operation; it is also a platform for enterprises and their business alliances to implement value chain management for their distributors, suppliers and customers.

IDC originated from ICP's demand for high-speed Internet connection, and the United States is still the world leader. In the United States, in order to protect their own interests, operators set the network bandwidth very low, so users have to put a server at each service provider. In order to solve this problem, IDC emerges as the times require to ensure that the server hosted by the client has no bottleneck in accessing from each network.

IDC is not only the center of data storage, but also the center of data circulation. It should appear in the most concentrated place of data exchange in Internet network. It is accompanied by people's higher requirements for host hosting and virtual host services. In a sense, it is evolved from ISP's server hosting room. Specifically, with the rapid development of Internet, the increasing requirements of bandwidth, management and maintenance of website system pose a severe challenge to many enterprises. As a result, enterprises begin to entrust all things related to website hosting services to IDC which provides network services, and focus on the business of enhancing core competitiveness. It can be seen that IDC is the product of more detailed division of labor among Internet enterprises.

IDC rooms are generally divided into two types:

1. Self use computer room

In addition to the communication room, departments or units need to build their own computer room for their own use. Even though the communication room serves the public customers, the computer room itself is not open to customers.

2. Commercial computer room

The computer room that provides outsourcing services is a high-quality, commercial computer room that provides a series of professional services such as server hosting and leasing for many customers, which is also known as commercial computer room. The operators of this kind of computer room attract customers and gain profits by emphasizing on improving efficiency, reducing cost and high quality service.

Features of IDC room:

Whether it is a self use computer room or a commercial computer room, the requirements of IDC computer room on the environment are similar. IDC room has strict requirements on temperature, humidity, fire protection, current and fire protection. The cabinets in the computer room are arranged in a tight and orderly manner, which has certain requirements for the heat dissipation of the server, so as to ensure the air circulation in the computer room, the control of temperature and humidity, and the improvement of the fire protection system.

IDC room requires safe, reliable and practical. IDC service providers provide efficient, stable and safe network environment for users to ensure the normal operation of users' daily business.

Maintenance purpose of IDC room

Ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the computer room. Through the regular inspection, maintenance and maintenance of the environmental support system, monitoring equipment and computer host equipment, ensure the stable operation of the equipment in the computer room, extend the life cycle of the equipment through maintenance, and reduce the failure rate. Ensure that the computer room can get the product repair and technical support from the equipment supplier or the service and maintenance personnel of the computer room in time, and solve the fault quickly under the condition of hardware equipment failure caused by sudden accident and affecting the normal operation of the computer room.

Maintenance method

1. Dust removal and environmental requirements of the machine room: dust removal and cleaning of the equipment shall be carried out regularly, and the clarity of the security camera shall be adjusted to prevent dust from being inhaled into the monitoring equipment due to machine operation, static electricity and other factors. At the same time, check the ventilation, heat dissipation, dust cleaning, power supply, overhead anti-static floor and other facilities. The indoor temperature of the machine room should be 20 ± 2 ℃, and the relative humidity should be controlled at 45% ~ 65%.

2. Maintenance of air conditioning and fresh air in the machine room: check whether the air conditioner operates normally and whether the air exchange equipment operates normally. Observe the refrigerant level from the mirror to see if there is a lack of refrigerant. Check the high and low pressure protection switch, drying filter and other accessories of air conditioning compressor.

3. UPS and battery maintenance: carry out battery checking capacity test according to the actual situation; carry out battery charging and discharging maintenance and adjust charging current to ensure normal operation of battery pack; check and record output waveform, harmonic content and zero ground voltage; check whether all parameters are configured correctly; regularly conduct UPS function test, such as switching test of ups with city power.

4. Maintenance of fire fighting equipment: check the appearance of fire detector, manual alarm button, fire alarm device and test alarm function; check the self check, noise elimination, reset function of fire alarm controller and switching function of main and standby power supply.

5. Maintenance of circuit and lighting circuit: timely replacement of ballast and lamp tube, replacement of switch; oxidation treatment of wire end, inspection and replacement of label; insulation inspection of power supply line to prevent accidental short circuit.

6. Machine room foundation maintenance: electrostatic floor cleaning, ground dust removal; gap adjustment, damage replacement; grounding resistance test; main grounding point rust removal, joint fastening; lightning protection device inspection; grounding wire contact anti-oxidation reinforcement.

7. Computer room operation and maintenance management system: improve the operation and maintenance specification of the computer room, and optimize the operation and maintenance management system of the computer room. The maintenance personnel should respond 24 hours in a timely manner.

What equipment does IDC room have?

The most common equipment in IDC room includes cabinet (rack), KVM switching machine, access / convergence switch, router, optical fiber jumper, network jumper, line management / distribution frame, etc., which are used to connect customers and servers.

How to set up IDC computer room in small and medium sized enterprises

The construction of IDC computer room is the core method to solve the bottleneck of Internet bandwidth of enterprises. With the increasing market demand, IDC room can enhance the business competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises. The following are the steps of building IDC computer room for small and medium-sized enterprises.

1. Identify the needs.

For example, is there any rigid requirement for the geographical location and area of the computer room? How many cabinets are required? Cabinet air supply mode and so on. No matter what the cabinet length, width and height, it needs to support 19 "standard installation equipment.

2. Selection and rectification of computer room

Including the planning of room space (need to install UPS power battery pack, air conditioning equipment, upper and lower ventilation ducts, cabinet). At the same time, whether it is necessary to reserve security monitoring area and engineer office area should be considered. Clarify the resources around the computer room (whether there are transmission resources of mobile company) and so on.

3. According to the needs of users and transmission resources, the network topology is designed.

IDC Network should adopt hierarchical structure, which should include core layer, convergence layer and access layer. Considering the simplification of network layer, reduction of network delay, reduction of fixed assets investment and energy conservation and emission reduction, the core layer and convergence layer can be set together.

(1) The core layer is the outlet of the entire IDC Network. The following performance indicators should be considered when selecting the core layer equipment:

High reliability: the selected equipment shall provide redundant configuration of key components such as main control board, switching board, routing board, power supply, etc., and shall meet the rapid switching between equipment;

High scalability: the selected equipment should support multiple service slots with high scalability;

It supports various dynamic routing protocols (IGB and BGP), and supports large routing table capacity, BGP path capacity and BGP session number;

It has flexible and rich routing control and filtering functions, and supports IGP / BGP multi-path load sharing function;

Support IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack, pass the IPv6 related test organized by China Telecom;

It has high density and large capacity port;

It has large capacity port cache to reduce packet loss during congestion;

It has perfect QoS support capability.

(2) As the export bridge and internal exchange core of IDC, the convergence layer equipment requires high performance and high reliability. The equipment selection of convergence layer shall refer to the following performance indexes:

Modularization and high scalability;

It has high density and large capacity ports, and the common interface types include 10 Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet interfaces;

It has high speed routing switching capability;

It supports various dynamic routing protocols (IGB, BGP) and routing strategies;

Support IPv4 / IPv6 dual stack, pass the IPv6 related test organized by China Telecom;

It has large capacity port cache to reduce packet loss during congestion;

Support QoS.

(3) Access layer equipment selection should refer to the following performance indicators:

High density port capacity;

High speed switching capability;

Support port rate control;

It has a large capacity of board / port cache to reduce packet loss during congestion;

Support QoS.

4. Purchase and configure cabinet (rack) and other equipment.

In order to reasonably plan the air distribution in the computer room, it is suggested that the racks in the computer room should be arranged face-to-face and back-to-back manner, that is, the front panels or back panels of the adjacent two rows of cabinets are arranged relative. The cold channel shall not be less than 1000mm, and the hot channel shall not be less than 700mm.

IDC room should be partitioned according to the high and low power density of the rack.

The materials of IDC enclosure structure shall meet the requirements of heat preservation, heat insulation, fire prevention, moisture-proof and less dust production.