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What is a fiber optic reflector

What is a fiber optic reflector?

A fiber optic reflector is an optical passive device constructed in a short segment of optical fiber, using FBG fiber gratings or filters, that reflects particular wavelengths of light and transmits all others that are not within the specific reflection wavelength range.

The fiber bragg grating reflector is a low-cost specific band reflector mounted on the optical network unit (ONU) side. It can reflect light pulses (1650 +/- 5nm) from the OTDR on the fiber line terminal (OLT) side nearly 100%, while the working bands of the passive optical network (PON) are transmitted normally.

The OTDR can determine whether the fiber line is normal by detecting the signal reflected by the fiber grating reflector. When the reflected signal is lower than the normal value, the line loss is too large; when the reflection value is 0, the optical fiber line is broken.

Therefore, we can maintain the fiber line in time by the real-time monitoring of the fiber line.

At present, in the FTTH project, there are two types of SC type and TF attenuator type. When the SC type structure is applied, one end needs to be connected in the field, and the TF attenuator type can be directly connected at both ends.

The SC FBG reflector is female-male SC connector style, so it is easy to install.

SC FGB reflector

How to install SC fiber reflector?

The SC FBG reflector is female-male SC connector style, so it is easy to install by SC adapters, SC adapter panels, SC enclosures with SC Fiber Patch cables.


SC fiber reflektor OTDR

Types of FBG Fiber Reflectors and comparison:


Ferrule Type Type Reflection Band
sc reflector reflektor reflection 1650nm lc reflektor reflection 1650nm otdr sc reflector




UPC    vs    APC LC reflector SC reflector


With the implementation of the fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project, the coverage of the optical network is getting larger and larger, involving more and more users. Therefore, it is particularly important to detect and maintain the fault of the entire optical network quickly and accurately. Fiber optic reflector will be widely used in FTTx network, PON OTDR test, central office reflectivity test, communication system link detection and so on.