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Common Public CPRI Fiber Optic Cables

Based on our experience and knowledge, as well as on the experience of our partners and customers who previously solved the problem of choosing a CPRI for their company, we decided to write this article and share our joint developments.

Outdoor Fiber Optic Waterproof Connectors

  1. ODVA Series Waterproof Connectors
  2. Fullaxs Series Waterproof Connectors
  3. Mini-SC Series Waterproof Connectors
  4. ODC Series Waterproof Connectors
  5. Field Tactical Waterproof Connectors
  6. J599 Series  Aviation Connectors
  7. Other Brands Waterproof Connectors
  8. Portable Field Tactical Cable Reels
  9. Fiber Optic Cables For Each Waterproof Connectors




ODVA series of waterproof connectors has plastic housing for protection, it's for outdoor waterproof use, and the grade is IP67.


  • Various types: It has 3 series- LC duplex, SC simplex and MPO.
  • Fast connection: the unique spiral structure makes connection easy and fast.
  • High intensity of tension: it's suitable for fiber cables ofφ0-7.0mm.
  • Water and dust proof: there's rubber cushion inside, the stabilityis good and the grade can be IP67.
  • Complete solutions: we have the related complete outdoorwaterproof boxes, adapters and solutions.

To suit different projects, there are two types for ODVA adapters: terminal- terminal, and terminal- equipment

ODVA Adapter of Terminal-Terminal

This type of adapter is used to connect two ODVA connectors. Two ends of the adapter are both spiral bayonet grooves, for matching the ODVA connectors.

ODVA Adapter of Terminal-Equipment

This type of adapter is used to connect ODVA connector and equipment. One end of the adapter is spiral bayonet groove(for matching the ODVA connector), the other end is thread& hexagon nut(for fixing the adapter onto the equipment).



To meet requirements of new technology of connection for WIMAX/ LTE/ FTTA, TE Connectivity worked out Fullaxs connectors—it can be used to provide SFP connections between Radio Remote Unit (RRU) and Building Base Band Unit(BBU). It's compatible for various types of SFP, this allows end users to be able to choose the media converters they need.

Once came to the market, Fullaxs acquired very good reputation. It's easy to operate, and has a high grade of IP68. It's widely used in various kinds of terminals of outdoor fiber optic equipments, especially Ericsson's.To meet market's requirements, TE then worked out other types of connectors of Fullaxs series, and other telecom companies made the relevant waterproof connectors which are compatible with Fullaxs, below are part of them:



Amphenol IP-FX

Note: All above three connectors match the same installation panel


3. Mini-SC Series Waterproof Connectors

Mini-SC is a new outdoor waterproof fiber optic connector, it's mainly used for FTTH outdoor installation. It's small and easy to be installed, and the grade can be IP67. Now there're three types of such Mini-SC connector: Huawei, Corning- later Amphenol will be its foundry, so the third one is Amphenol.

Here are their brief introductions:

Huawei Mini-SC

Huawei Mini-SC waterproof connector has SC houseless core, spiral bayonet and multilayer rubber cushions. It's suitable for  Φ3.0-5.0mm round cables and FTTH drop cables.

Corning Mini-SC

Corning Mini-SC waterproof connector has SC houseless core,  spiral bayonet and multilayer rubber cushions. It's suitable for Φ3.0-5.0mm round cables and FTTH drop cables. Compare with Huawei Mini-SC connector, Corning's biggest difference is the way of connection, one is spiral bayonet connection, and the other one is thread connection. Corning has authorized Amphenol as Mini-SC's foundry, the Mini-SC could only be used to  connect the connector and equipment which were named as H-Connector, later Amphenol made a new design—it can connect two connectors, and it's named as H-Connector(In-Line).


4. ODC Series Waterproof Connectors

ODC= Out Door Connector, it's stable and water& dust proof. It's widely used in fiber optic transmission in harsh environments like FTTA (Fiber To The Antenna), mine, sensor, electric. It's designed with stainless steel housing,  rubber cushions inside, spiral bayonet and single-key & pin guide connection, and high intensity of tension. The grade is IP 67.

For ODC, there're two types- plug and socket, and they are connected directly without adapter.  

Normally there're 2 and 4cores, 6 and 8cores can be customized. Currently there're these brands of ODC, Huber& Suhner, Amphenol, Rosenberger, TE and so on, and ODC of these brands are compatible.


5. Field Tactical Waterproof Connectors

Field tactical waterproof connector is also named YG telianthus connector. It was early designed by China Fiber& Electric Research Institute, and used for military field telecommunication wirings, normally it's used with field  tactical cable reels. There's no plug or socket, male or female. Two connectors can be connected directly(without adapter) with pins and threads, the connection is very stable and can stand large impulse and tension. The grade is IP65. With fiber optic telecommunication is spread widely, such military connectors are generally used in civil fields, like instant connections, stage wirings, live broadcasts, emergency repairs of telecommunications and so on.

Field Tactical Waterproof Connectors: YG-B/ plastic(big size), YG-A/metal plug& socket(mid-size), YG-Mini/ C metal(small size)


6. J599 Series Aviation Connectors

J599 outdoor waterproof optical fiber connector joints with three thread fast connection, and adapt with Five keys locate at the same time, blind and wrong insertion are impossible, and it's anti vibration. The housing is  made of stainless steel 316L. It has features of high density of connecting, anti electromagnetic shielding, parts are detachable, convenient for fields installation. It has low insertion loss and high reliability. The grade is IP67. It's  mainly used in high standards of terminals connections of equipments for industries, marines, vehicles and so on. Now 1/ 2/ 4/ 6/ 8/ 12cores are optional, and 16cores can be customized.

J599 connector was early only used for multi-cores power cables, as fiber optic is widely used in signals transmission, weak current cables are generally replaced, and J599 were also used as fiber optic connectors.  Sometimes fiber optic cables and power cables are mixed also available for 2 fiber + 2 copper, 4 fiber + 2 copper and 4 fiber+ 4 copper, or customized.


7. Other Waterproof Connectors

There are many variants of brands and types of waterproof connectors in the market. We can offer original ones. Here we recommend some connectors which are reliable and widely used.

7.1) ZTE PDLC Fiber Optic Waterproof Connector

Mainly used in the RRU terminal from/of HUAWEI& ZTE in the FTTA System.

Main advantages of this  connector: simple structure,easy handling and Low cost.

7.2) Harting Pushpull DLC Rectangular Connector

Mainly used in the equipments' waterproof terminals, Harting connector adopts with rectangular design adopted modules allow connectors to be with different dimensions and cores. Harting connector also can be made into HYBRID types. The main advantages easy handling, customization, and rectangular design (this makes more options for customers).

7.3) Senko IP Series Waterproof Fiber Optic Connector

The Senko IP series waterproof connector is similar with ODVA.  

There are 4 types: Senko IP LC, Senko IP SC, Senko IP MPO and HYBIRD of power and fiber.

7.4) Nokia Siemens NSN Waterproof Boot

NSN Nokia Siemens outdoor connectors is mainly used in terminal systems of Nokia Siemens.This boot is corrugated waterproof square rubber for protecting LC Duplex connectors inside.

7.5) Neutrik Waterproof Connector

Neutrik waterproof connector is designed and produced by Neutrik company.

There are two types of Neutrik connectors: opticalCON- (DUO/QUAD/MTP) and opticalCON LITE- (DUO/QUAD/MTP). All connectors could be made as HYBRID(fiber-power) type, and 2-4cores are available for power.

opticalCON Neutrik cables: opticalCON-DUO, opticalCON-QUAD, opticalCON-MTP

opticalCON LITE Neutrik cables: opticalCON LITE-DUO, opticalCON LITE-QUAD, opticalCON LITE-MTP

7.6) Cnlinko waterproof connector

This connector is designed and produced by Cnlinko company. There are two types of Cnlinko connectors: LP-24 and DH-24. Both types have LC duplex connectors inside. It has features of easy handling and high performance.

LP-24 LC Duplex connector & adapter

DH-24 LC Duplex connector & adapter


8. Portable Field Tactical Cable Reels

Field Tactical cable reel ( or:Portable mobile pre-terminated cable reels/Transportable spool carts) is developed for temporary field deployment where fiber connections are required.

It comes in a portable cable reel for ease of transportation and deployment. It's widely used in mobile television vans, can be spooled with fiber cable, network cable, power cable. etc.

These reels mostly work together with waterproof cables and connectors outdoor. It's most  important accessory in the filed of waterproof cabling systems. We supplies 5 types to meet the ever-growing demand: ST Series (portable), BF Series(backpack), BX Series(Push-pull), TC series(4 reels), LZP Series (Shelf). All types are able to be supplied variants of size for different cable diameters and lengths.

ST Series (portable), ST Series (portable), BF Series (Backpack), BF Series (Backpack), BX Series(Push-pull), BX Series(Push-pull), TC series(4 reels), LZP Series (Shelf)


9. Fiber Optic Cables

The Waterproof Connectors suit fiber optic cables with different outer diameters(OD). Below is a table of brief introduction for fiber cables that suit the waterproof connectors in this catalog:

Except for the OD, structure and material of fiber cables are also different to match the waterproof connectors. Here are some normal types:

9.1) Non-metallic Fiber Optic Cables

GYFJH GYFJH- Indoor/Outdoor Cable, LSZH jacket

Normally it matches connectors of ODVA, Mini-SC,Fullaxs, Senko IP, ZTE PDLC, Harting DLC. It's mostly used in connection systems like FTTA/ CPRI/ WIMAX, data rooms.

GYFJU GYFJU- Indoor/Outdoor Field Tactical Cable, TPU jacket

Normally it matches connectors of ODC, YG and J599. It's mostly used in wiring systems like stage, instant connections, emergency repairs of telecommunications.


9.2) Armored Cables

GYFJH GYFJH- Indoor/ Outdoor Cable, LSZH jacket

Normally it matches connectors of ODVA, Mini-SC,Fullaxs, Senko IP, ZTE PDLC, Harting DLC.

It's anti-rodent, and mostly used in tensile wiring systems.

GYFJU GYFJU- Indoor/ Outdoor Armored Field Tactical Cable, TPU jacket

Normally these armored fiber cable matches connectors of ODC, YG and J599.it's mostly used in wiring systems like mines, live broadcasts, military telecommunications. Currently this is the most common cables used for military.


9.3) Fiber-Power Hybrid Cable

Normally it matches connectors of Neutrik, YG, Senko IP/ONE. It's mostly used for integrated transmission of fiber-weak current telecommunication.


9.4) Dedicated Fiber Optic Cable for Power System

Normally it matches connectors of J599, ROSENBERGER-RMC, ODC, Neutrik. It's used in fiber optic systems under high voltage, like high-voltage wires, substations, and electrical equipments with high power.