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4K UHD over 303 Meters
Fiber optic cables are the HDMI cables of the future. Using light as the transmission medium, our HDMI 2.0 cables are able to perfectly transmit 4k@60Hz HDR video to distances of up to 1000 ft (303 meters). Fiber optics provides the speed and bandwidth needed for the best video and/ or audio quality for high definition at lengths up to 303 meters; supporting the long distances required in commercial video solutions.

In traditional passive copper cables, HDR capability as well as higher quality sampling schemes are lost at lengths over 25 feet as bandwidth capability decreases the longer the cable gets. 4k@60Hz HDR video requires ~18Gbps of bandwidth.

4K 8K HDMI cable up to 1000ft
Plug & Play
Our cables are a simple plug & play solution. No need to deal with multiple power cords, wires, cables, transmitters, receivers, and mounting solutions needed for pristine video and audio at lengths over 25 feet.
The standard universal MPO connectors enable the cables to be pre-wired without directional concern. And the detachable HDMI-MPO connectors eliminate both extra labor cost and the fiber terminations, testing and tools.

Flexible, Slim & Lightweight Cables for Stress-Free Connections
Our cables are slim, soft, and pliable. They are 1/5th the weight of copper cables of the same length. Plug easily into cramped spaces such as behind TV wall mounts, TV stands, TV cabinets, and TVs, desktops, or A/B receivers placed close to walls.

Heavy and stiff copper HDMI cords, especially longer length ones which tend to be lower gauge (thicker), can place stress and strain on connectors, damaging them or causing them to lose connection or fall off entirely. This is especially prevalent on projector setups.

hdmi cable advantages