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300m 8K PureOptical Fiber HDMI2.1 Cable MPO-Adopt MPO connector

As we all know, HDMI is one of the most popular A/V interfaces because it is perfect for transmitting the highest quality audio and video. Compared with the all-in-one optical fiber HDMI cables that can be seen everywhere on the market, the Heyoptics 2.1 version of the pure optical fiber HDMI cable can be said to be eye-catching. From the appearance, we can easily find its unique charm: the use of MPO connectors common in the field of optical communication, thinner cables, and split components. 300meters of ultra-long transmission main line and other signs indicate that it is not a conventional cable product.
It is true that as the "crown-level" technology in the field of fiber optical cables. The pure optical fiber HDMI cable version 2.1 uses MPO connectors and pure optical fiber cables as the transmission carrier. Greatly solved many technical difficulties:
  • Electromagnetic interference radiation
  • Long distance signal transmission
  • Fast wiring, does not take up space
  • Upgradable in the future
  • Installation regardless of the direction
As a top 8K optical HDMI cable in the industry, it has many advantages. Today, let's take a look at the extraordinary MPO connector.