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Transceiver Report: JD Cloud Data Centers Transceivers Roadmap


2020 is also a year for Chinese cloud vendors to leap forward. Affected by the epidemic, the demand for bandwidth in online applications has driven the overall demand of Chinese cloud vendors in 2020. From the demand side, developed markets such as the United States have already entered the cloud computing 2.0 era, while my country's cloud computing has entered a 1.0 to 2.0 transition period, and traditional enterprises have a relatively low proportion of cloud computing. The main logic for China's cloud computing to achieve high growth in the future is to increase the cloud access rate of traditional enterprises and the continuous deepening of cloud access. In 2020, Chinese cloud manufacturers generally adopt 25G AOC/DAC+100G CWDM4 optical transceivers, and overall demand has increased by 23%.

JD Cloud released the new generation of its self-developed server on Mar 2, which will be officially put into use in April. As the important cloud based infrastructure for the industry, JD aims to continuously upgrade the product to support and drive business development.

Here is JD Cloud data centers transceivers roadmap and deployment of 400G/200G transceivers modules:


JD Cloud Data center transceiver roadmap


  Transceiver Type Distance Fiber optical interface Electrical interface Standard
DCN QSFP-DD 400G SR8 100m OM4 16-core MPO/MTP OM4 8x50G PAM4 850nm VCSEL 400GAUI-8 802.3cm
QSFP-DD 400G SR4.2 100m OM4 8-core MPO/MTP OM4 8x50G PAM4 BiDi 850/910nm VCSEL 802.3cm
QSFP-DD 400G DR4 500m 8-core MPO/MTP SMF 4x100G PAM4 1310nm 802.3bs
QSFP-DD 400G FR4 2km Duplex SMF 4x100G PAM4 CWDM MSA
QSFP-DD 400G LR8 10km Duplex SMF 4x100G PAM4 LAN-WDM 802.3bs
QSFP-DD 200G SR4 100m 8-core MPO/MTP OM4 4x50G PAM4 850nm VCSEL 200GAUI-4 802.3cd
QSFP-DD 200G FR4 2km Duplex SMF 4x50G PAM4 CWDM 802.3cn
DSFP/QSFP56 100G SR2 10km AOC 2x50G PAM4 850nm VCSEL 100GAUI-2 MSA
DCI CFP2 DCO 120km Duplex SMF 16QAM 64GBd   OIF CFP2 DCO
QSFP-DD DCO 120km Duplex SMF 16QAM 64GBd 400GAUI-8 802.3cw